Icom X-Band 50

Icom X-Band 50, Crossband Rack Mount Repeater Series 


  • Full UHF and VHF interoperability 
  • 50 Watts VHF; 45 Watts UHF 
  • Local controlled operation; can also be used as a dual base unit (with optional mic) 
  • 128 Memory channels with 8 memory banks per radio 
  • 8-Character alphanumeric display / easy to read 
  • AC to DC Auto Select, 220/110/12V Capable 
  • Advanced Multi 2-Tone/5-Tone Systems 
  • Programmable actions when a matched tone is received   
  • Bell icon indication ON/OFF/blink 
  • Answer back calls 
  • Beep sounds 
  • Scan start/stop 
  • Auto transmission 
  • Stun/kill functions (prevents use of a lost or stolen radio) 
  • External out for horn drive (optional OPC-617 is required)
  • 32 Tx and 9 Rx 5-Tone codes available 
  • 11 Tx and Rx 2-Tone codes available 
  • 10 scanning lists and normal/priority scan 
  • Power ON password 
  • Backlit LCD and keys for night time operations 
  • Meets MIL-STD 810 C, D, E and F specifications
  • the best service in radio communication equipment